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Oct 1, 2003

i just had a fucking ap bio test.. awesome.. i thought it would be better than it was.. i guess anything above an 85 ill be ecstatic with.
ahhh so dr berkman wants to put me on zoloft. awesome. i probably need it. im ocd and i therefore exhibit self destructive behavior. wow, sick. anyway im really scared to start it and it's all i've been thinking about. what if it totally changes me? i mean i know i need it (i really do) but i just feel like its going to be so different. and, my sister put 10 pounds on while taking it.. it sounds shallow but it would suck if that happened to me.
school is getting better i guess now that i know what to expect. i have sammy and beth and they're my buddies and we have our whole thing going. and then i feel like i can be myself without anyone else.. i guess they give me a sense of security which is awesome.
this whole elahd thing is so anxiety inducing but what isn't for me? we both know we're going to evolve to be something more than friends, and as of now we're "exclusive", but .. its just a matter of time until i realize he is what i need and such. well i know he is what i need and what is good for me, but i also just need time to realize that that is how i am happiest.
anyway anticipating major mood swings in the next month due to zoloft so that should be fun.
xx R

Posted at 06:18 pm by xfreshglossx
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Sep 2, 2003
80's mix

i've been listening to all '80's for the past three weeks. it's time i made a real cd to play elsewhere, and give to my be-fri's cliff and anne. i know they'll appreciate it.
1. divinyls- i touch myself
2. ac/dc -she shook me
3. blondie - heart of glass
4. human league - don't you want me
5. bryan adams - summer of '69
6. buggles - video killed the radio star
7. marvin gaye - sexual healing
8. def leopard - pour some sugar
9. duran duran - hungry like the wolf
10. rick springfield - jessie's girl
11. elvis costello - everyday i write the book
12. OMD - if you leave
13. Go Gos - we got the beat
14. frank zappa - valley girl
15. madonna - like a prayer
16. men without hats - safety dance
17. tommy tutone - 867-5309
18. michael jackson- thriller
19. soft cell - tainted love
20. devo - whip it

i know it rocks.
xx rachel

Posted at 09:31 pm by xfreshglossx
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